I am so pleased that you have arrived on my Website and ready for your wonderful trip! Your bags have arrived safely and the arrangements for your stay have been made.  Surprised?

Your journey to this page actually may have begun as soon as your first breath was taken. The “circumstances” of your birth, not your actual date of entry into this world, may have  been the start of your journey.

For some of us, it can take many years before we know we are even on a journey, so the timing of this should not concern you. I believe that everyone, in one way or another, is trying to nudge people just a little and ask some simple questions. Those questions are often  -have you thought about this, have you come to realize this, or have you ever felt this? When you listen to someone tell you about some joy or sadness in their life we tend to “zone in” no matter who they are. Why? Because it helps each of us in our own life and we can all use help these days!

This website has been created for me to help you find the “author within” you. It’s not about your writing skills, the amount of books you read or the task-seeming to be such a difficult one. It is only about your journey and the lives that you can impact.

Life is not about “you.” Life is about your journey and you have an “author" within you!